Limited Warranty, Returns, and Core Charge

A3 Global

  1. Introduction to Warranty: A3 Global guarantees its products sold through Nuvant Systems to be free from manufacturer defects during the warranty period, from the original date of purchase until the expiration of the warranty term listed on the sales receipt.
  2. Warranty Duration and Mileage: Warranties are determined by time (i.e., 1 year, 5 years) with unlimited mileage during the time period, with exclusions for commercial use.
  3. Commercial Use Limitations: The standard unlimited mileage warranty does not cover commercial use of the product. Vehicles used commercially (taxicab, rideshare, delivery vehicles, etc.) are limited to 20,000 miles per year of warranty coverage.
  4. Warranty Transfer: The warranty can be transferred to a new owner within fourteen (14) days of the vehicle sale during the warranty period for a fee of $99. Only one transfer is allowed, requiring the bill of sale and the new owner’s contact information provided to A3 Global within 14 days.
  5. Non-Extendable Terms: Warranty terms are not extendable or restartable after the original date of purchase.
  6. Coverage Scope: The warranty covers only the hybrid battery; no other components or services are included.
  7. Repair and Replacement Services: A3 Global will replace or repair any defective product or battery during the warranty period, including the original installation or shipping service, if within the contiguous United States.
  8. Exclusions on Replaced Batteries: Batteries replaced under warranty that were originally shipped to customers or third-party installers are not eligible for free installation by A3 Global and are not subject to reimbursement for labor charges.
  9. Warranty Exclusions: The warranty excludes failures from improper installations by other parties, storage beyond twenty (20) days, damage post-delivery, or damages caused by shipping if accepted at delivery and not documented with the carrier.
  10. Void Conditions: Warranty is void upon removal, tampering, or damage to warranty labels, or if the product is reinstalled into a different vehicle. It is also void if the vehicle is used for racing, competitive driving, or not in accordance with the original owner’s manual, such as using the vehicle to tow outside the manual’s recommendations.
  11. Engine Malfunctions and Battery Failure: Certain engine malfunctions in a hybrid vehicle, like loss of engine function leading to battery-only operation, can cause premature battery failure. These conditions, beyond the control of A3 Global, are not covered by the warranty.
  12. Exclusions for Neglect and External Factors: The warranty does not cover vehicle neglect or inactivity affecting hybrid batteries, including damaged ECU/harness connectivity, water damage, accumulation of debris, damage caused by infestation, acts of God (floods, fires, lightning).
  13. Exclusion for Low Mileage: The warranty does not cover vehicles driven less than 625 miles monthly as hybrid vehicles need to be driven regularly to maintain hybrid battery performance.
  14. Core Charge: Any full battery sold (excluding modules only) require a core return.  In scenarios where our team is responsible for installing the replacement battery, no core charge will be applied, as we will retrieve the core subsequent to installation. For batteries that are dispatched via shipping, it is mandatory for the core to be returned to NuVant/A3 Global within a span of 14 days. Failure to return the core within this stipulated time frame will result in a charge of either $500 or $750, labeled as a “core charge,” in addition to a $250 fee for the shipping container. During this period, it is possible for a temporary “hold” to be placed on your credit card as a part of this process. The Buyer is responsible for returning the old battery core at their own expense, using the original shipping container provided.
  15. Returns: You may return items within 30 days of receiving them. To be eligible for a return, batteries or modules must be in their original, unused condition. The customer is responsible for covering return shipping costs. Please note that a 30% restocking fee will be charged for returned items. Special order batteries are not eligible for return or refund. These items will be clearly marked as “Special Order, No Returns” on your invoice.

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